Why your business needs a website

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In today's online age, there are many company owners who still don't have a website for their business. Some believe the initial costs may be too much or think that their particular industry won't have an online audience.

Currently 95% of Australian homes are connected to the internet with a further 77% using smart phones daily. It is also estimated 92% of Australians are now using the internet to search for services and products. This now means having a website for your business has become more important and provides great opportunities for businesses of all types.

1. Gain creditability and trust from your customers.

Many people have now turned to using the internet for researching businesses and product reviews to help them decide where they're going to spend their money. In business first impressions count and having an online presence for your businesses has become more of an expectation by the public. Having a well made and professional website for your business shows your clients firstly that you're a legitimate and operating business. This builds trust with your customers that you're serious about what you do and that you're a reputable service provider.

2. Your business is open 24/7

While your shop may be open from 9 to 5, five days a week, your customers may not share the same business hours as you. With people now having busier schedules and different work hours, it becomes harder for customers to come to your shop front during regular hours. By having a website, your business will become available around the clock to your customers. This will make easier for them to get important information or buy from you after regular work hours from the convenience of their computer.

3. Get discovered by your audience

While having a physical location for your business is important, you're relying on people passing by your shop regularly in order to be relevant to them. Even if your store is in a noticeable location, there's only so many people that will see you. Having a website for your business however will put your business in front of customers who are actively searching for your services in your area. Your website then becomes a lead generating machine which will bring you customers who are ready to buy.

Websites are also a great investment for businesses like hotels and restaurants who are relying on customers who live outside of their region. These customers are more likely to want to find these businesses and book ahead of time. Your website will put your business in front of a potential customers who live outside of your area.

4. Show what makes your business great

Traditional forms of advertising like the phone book can make it hard to tell the difference between businesses in the same industry and that doesn't help you stand out from your competitors. Having a website can help you stand out and show your clients why you're a trustworthy and professional business.

The first way is by having customers testimonials on your website. Customer testimonials give your business real-world accreditation and shows potential customers why you're a reputable business to use.

Another way is by having images of your services or products on your website. Whether you're a landscaper or a cake decorator, having photos of what you do is a great way of showing the quality of what you offer. It also helps your customer visualise your products and services for their particular needs.

5. Keep your customers informed

Changes to your business will happen over time. This could be something such as a change of address, new services or a new phone number. It's important to keep your customers in the loop about these changes otherwise it can negatively effect your business. You need a way of letting your customers know about changes to your business and your website is an easy way to do so. Making these updates to your website is a quick and low cost way to keep your customers informed.

6. Become a global business

If you offer a unique product or service, then you shouldn't be restricted on who you can sell to because of your location. The internet has become a way for people to connect globally and many businesses have utilised E-commerce to sell products across the world. Your website can become your online shop and allows you to bring in a wide range of new customers and can create exciting opportunities for your business.

7. Save time

When it comes to finding a service, your customers usually want to find information about you as quickly and easily as possible. Finding out what you provide or where you are located should be a simple task, yet unfortunately many companies can make these simple tasks harder than they should be. By having all your relevant information on your company website your customers can quickly find out what they need and are more likely to hire or buy through you.

This can also save your company time as people can easily find out what they need without having to contact you directly. This means instead of answering the same series of questions from different people you're now able to spend more time working on your business.

8. Your competitor has a website

With more and more people doing business online, your competitors may already have a website. This means their business is already tapping into a pool of new customers online that you're missing out on. Every time someone Googles for your services and you're without a website this gives your competitor the advantage. By having a website you will make sure that customers will be able to find you and that your competitors won't be taking sales away from you.